Heavy Crane Operators

We can transmit our knowledge and experience of large mobile and crawler cranes to your employees. For example, we can explain activities like hooking and moving loads to them. In doing so, we keep a close eye not only on efficiency but also on safe and responsible working.

We provide inspection of sites and machinery. Together with the client, we draw up a plan of action so that we can provide services tailored to their needs.  

On-site consulting
Many circumstances must be taken into account on site. The external environment, rules, machinery and materials all have to be right. Often there are better, even cheaper ways of working. Do you want know which working methods, machines and people are best suited to the job in question? We can advise you on location. We can either do that as the first part of the job or even before you have accepted your assignment. Not only do we consider the wishes and interests of all parties, we also take the environment and optimum value for money into account.

Our supervisors will make every effort to execute the project to your and your client's full satisfaction. They monitor quality, safety and progress. Our supervisor will act with urgency and cooperatively. Management, execution, communication and verification will take place in accordance with the pre-agreed schedule.

We can provide a full inspection service if you are looking to buy, sell or hire a crane.

Special transportation
Cranes and intermediate machinery and materials must be moved to and from the work site. This not only involves matters such as laws and regulations, planning and transportation; logical truck loading and crane movement also require expertise. We have expertise in every step of this process and we can guide you through each one. We provide a complete service.

As a result, our services are in high demand in wind farm construction, the general construction sector, petrochemicals and industry. We operate throughout Europe with permanent teams consisting of skilled and experienced workers. We can handle your projects completely independently or under your supervision. Our people are what make our company.

Instruction, inspection and (project) supervision
You can also use us for site visits and pre-purchase inspections, and to provide instruction and supervision of assembly, disassembly and lifting work.